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What Is the Education System in the USA?

The US education system is unique among developed nations. There is no uniform national curriculum and no single state board of education. The federal government does have some influence over education in the country, but this influence is limited. Similarly, there is no national high school graduation examination. There are only state-level tests for high school students. Nevertheless, the US education system is a great place to raise a child and help them become a productive citizen.

The educational system in the United States is divided into various levels, including elementary school, junior high school, and higher education. Children generally begin attending school at age six and continue for 12 years. After graduating from high school, they can apply to colleges or vocational programs. Special education is also available for students with special needs. The system has many similarities with educational systems worldwide, but there are also significant differences. Before applying to schools, international students should be aware of what to expect from different schools and degree programs.

The first two years of college are primarily classroom-based, and provide a foundation for future study. Students will need to complete a thesis or dissertation, which can take a year to complete. The dissertation is a significant component of the educational experience, and students are expected to do their research in depth. Students can publish a paper related to a new field of study after completing their dissertation. As with any other educational system, there are many differences among universities in the USA.

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