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What is the Difference Between a Lawyer and an Enabler?

What is the difference between a lawyer and enabler? Let’s look at each in more detail. Enablers tend to ignore the facts of a case in order to protect a loved one. They believe that denial keeps things the same, but in fact they are putting the person in danger. Lawyers, on the other hand, focus on facts to protect clients. Enablers tend to prioritize the needs of their clients, and they are uncomfortable talking about difficult issues with others.

The definition of an enabler varies widely. In some cases, it involves taking advantage of loopholes in the law to help a client avoid legal repercussions. Other times, the lawyer is merely providing standard legal services to people with a questionable reputation. These professionals may be complicit or even criminally involved. If it’s a classic nail bar, it is unlikely to require a lawyer, but it may require a lawyer for property title.

The Enablers Act is a step towards regulating financial enablers. In the Financial Times, an expose on shady accounting practices at Wire card (a German online payments company) was published. Wire card started out serving gambling and pornography websites, but eventually became one of the largest companies in Germany, and collapsed after admitting a $2 billion hole in its balance sheet.

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