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What Can and Cannot Be Done by Video AI Upscalers

Using artificial intelligence more upscale your videos is a great way to make your videos look better. However, you need to know what they can and can’t do before you buy one.

Improve Visual Quality

Your videos’ visual quality can be automatically enhanced by using an AI-powered video upscaler that remasters your digital masters using cutting-edge machine learning technology.. Its filters include super-resolution, dejittering, deinterlacing, and denoising. It also has a variety of share options.

It is an automated AI and ML filter is trained on thousands of hours of footage. This means they don’t need expensive hardware or complicated setups. And their results are realistic. It also makes it easy for production companies to monetize their digital archives.

While the AI Upscaler can’t do everything, it can certainly do much. In addition to remastering digital masters, it provides various share options. Users can add images and music, trim videos, and splice together videos. It also allows users to test their footage with a 10-second preview.

There are several other AI upscaling software options on the market. Some of them offer great results, while others are complete duds.

Video Enhancer AI

Using AI technology, DVDFab’s Video Enhancer AI helps enhance video quality. It analyzes and enhances video quality, removes artifacts, corrects color, and sharpens lines. It also identifies and fixes common video issues.

Video Enhancer AI has a simple and clean interface. You can load videos with drag and drop or add them from your local drive. Then, you can set your preferences and settings to suit your needs. You can also add subtitles and split the video. It also provides motion consistency and enhances color, brightness, and saturation.

It uses a TensorFlow framework, an open-source machine learning platform. It continuously improves its processing quality. It also uses a deep neural network. This technology helps in identifying and fixing video compression issues. Professionals have also tested it.

It also has a Blu-ray ripper and DVD-to-Blu-ray converter. It can upscale low-resolution videos to Full HD and 4K. It supports various video formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MTS, MPEG-2, TS, VOB, DTS, AAC, MP3, and MJPEG.

Upscale Videos

Unlike the olden days when a video upscaler required an integrated GPU, Video Enhance AI can make exclusive videos based on the CPU. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you can enjoy the benefits of this nifty little application. However, it should be noted that Nvidia is not ordinarily available on Macs.

Video Enhance AI has several features, including a video preview, a batch processing window, and various upscale models. Using suitable models will improve the overall performance of the software. The software also supports multiple input formats, including H264 and ProRes 444. The software can also upscale high-quality DVD source files.

The software can also perform minor editing tasks such as trimming and adding slow-motion effects. Although Video Enhance AI can be used for these tasks, it is not intended for general video editing.

A good upscaling program should be able to introduce detail to videos that have been rendered to low resolution. While this may not seem a big deal, it can be necessary for editing.

Improves Clarity

Using a video AI upscaler is a great way to improve video quality. You can upscale old videos to 4K and improve the clarity of a new video. However, you need to know what a video AI upscaler can and can’t do. The next few years will see many apps incorporate AI-enhanced upscaling.

Depending on the type of video you are working with, the best AI that is more upscale for you will depend on the type of video and the pre-processing methods you want to use. For example, for underwater scenes, you should use a program that uses DLSS.

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