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Spaces, Twitter’s Audio-Only Chat Rooms, Introduce Ticketed Spaces for Monetization

Twitter’s Spaces, the audio-only chat rooms, are now introducing lrtrading Ticketed Spaces, a new feature to monetize these spaces. Twitter had announced its plans to roll out a monetization feature for Spaces earlier in March, and now, after months of testing, the company has finally launched it.


With the Ticketed Spaces feature, creators will be able to charge admission fees for their Spaces, which they can then use to support their work, cover expenses, or donate to charity. Twitter is testing the feature with a limited group of users in the United States, and plans to roll it out to a larger audience soon.


To start a Ticketed Space, creators will need to ifsptv have at least 1,000 followers, have hosted at least three spaces in the last 30 days, and be at least 18 years old. Creators can set the ticket price, and Twitter will take a small cut of the ticket revenue, similar to how the company takes a cut from the revenue of Super Follows and other features.


Ticketed Spaces will be available to all Twitter users soon, and creators will be able to choose from different payment options, including Stripe and PayPal.


Twitter’s Spaces feature, launched in December 2020, has been steadily gaining popularity as a way for users to connect and converse with others in real-time audio conversations. The feature was initially available to select users, but has since been rolled out to giveme5   more users globally.


The addition of Ticketed Spaces to the Spaces feature is part of Twitter’s efforts to provide monetization options for creators on its platform. Twitter has been adding more creator-focused features, such as Super Follows, which allows creators to charge users for access to exclusive content, and Revue, a newsletter platform that allows writers to monetize their newsletters.


The Ticketed Spaces feature will also provide a new revenue stream for Twitter, as the company aims to diversify its sources of revenue beyond advertising. The company has been testing various monetization options, such as a subscription-based service called Twitter Blue, which provides users with additional features for a monthly fee.


The introduction of Ticketed Spaces is likely to attract more 123chill creators to the Spaces feature, as it provides an opportunity for creators to earn money for their work. It will also provide a way for users to support their favorite creators by attending their Spaces and purchasing tickets.


However, the feature also raises concerns about access and equity, as users who cannot afford to purchase tickets may be excluded from participating in certain conversations. Twitter has yet to address these concerns, but it is likely that the company will be monitoring the impact of Ticketed Spaces on its platform and making adjustments accordingly.


Overall, the introduction of Ticketed Spaces is a positive development manytoons for creators and users alike, as it provides a new way for creators to monetize their work and for users to support their favorite creators. With the Spaces feature continuing to gain popularity, it will be interesting to see how Ticketed Spaces will impact the audio-only chat rooms and the wider Twitter community.

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