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Should I Hire a Paralegal Instead of a Lawyer?

A paralegal is a valuable asset for any law firm, and can help an attorney with many aspects of a case. This is particularly true when an attorney is unable to provide the service their clients expect. The right paralegal can help the firm make better business decisions, implement new technology, and take advantage of growth opportunities. However, not all paralegals are suited for the job.

A paralegal is more affordable than an attorney, and can provide bespoke services. An attorney might not be able to provide as much individual attention, so the paralegal may be more appropriate for a less complex case. Paralegals can handle the paperwork and research for a law firm, and can often charge separately from their clients. Whether a client hires a paralegal or a lawyer is up to you, they can be a smart choice for many legal issues.

Although paralegals are not legal practitioners, they can help with many aspects of divorce. Many are just as knowledgeable as a lawyer. However, they cannot represent you in court. A divorce paralegal can help with many aspects of the divorce process, including initial divorce filings, disclosure declarations, and arrears and judgment packets. Additionally, a paralegal can help with debt collection matters, which include debt collection and required credit counseling. A bankruptcy paralegal can even assist clients with their bankruptcy petitions.

Why should I hire a paralegal instead of retaining a lawyer? In addition to freeing up their time and bringing in more revenue, a paralegal can help law firms reduce their costs and provide better service to their clients. By freeing up their time, lawyers can focus on billable work. If you have a smaller budget, hiring a paralegal may be a good option for you.

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