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How to choose a nose surgery to suit your face

Popular questions for those who are thinking of doing cosmetic surgery, especially nose surgery. It is often inevitable that the question of which nose shape should be chosen. There are different techniques. 

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Many people use the internet to find pictures of popular actors and actresses. To choose a nose shape on A Finally, take it to the surgeon to look at it as an example. Some people use the method of consulting a fortune teller to wait. see physiognomy how it should be But no matter which method is used, the persuasive question is How do we know which nose type we like? or whether we choose to suit our faces or not There are many forms of beauty in this world, the most beautiful nose in the world. didn’t make All women the most beautiful. We may see some celebrities who have beautiful noses. But when looking at the whole face, the charm that used to be reduced many times to the point of breaking news in social networks. Another important obstacle is that after having the desired nose shape in mind, how to communicate to the surgeon to understand as we think. up in many industries, such as the end of the dance, the end of the dance, the end of the water drop, the Korean ridge, the Western line, etc. In saying that, these terms are interpreted differently, for example, the end of the dance that we think may be different from the end of the dance of our friends. And it’s different from the tip that the surgeon thinks. Some people’s drip tip. may refer to an upturned nose, with an elongated nose descending toward the lips It’s like a drop of water. But while many others You may imagine a nose with the tip protruding forward. slightly higher than the ridge like a drop of water placed on top of the tip of the nose So what happens regularly and often leads to disaster is the patient’s choice desired nose shape and try to explain to the doctor But the doctor interpreted go into another which is completely contrary to the expectations of the servants worldnewsite

while the surgeon According to the principles of cosmetic surgery According to textbooks, there will be a middle range. The standard value of a beautiful nose in various positions such as the angle between the forehead bridge of the nose. angle of inclination of the bridge of the nose angle between the tip of the nose with upper lip These standard ranges differ between men’s and women’s noses. For example Men’s nose bridges look good. If there is a straight line from the nose at the head of the eyes down to the tip of the nose or may have a little hump to add more masculinity, while if a woman’s nose bridge has a hump or is too straight will make your face look hard, not sweet Therefore, rhinoplasty in women may cause the nose bridge to be slightly concave approximately 1-2 millimeters from the straight line drawn from the bridge of the nose. Between the eyes down to the tip of the nose in order to maintain the sweetness In addition There are many details to consider the nose shape accordingly. Principles of cosmetic surgery but forget that Beauty is not just a style. or single block Therefore, there is no fixed rule that everyone has to have their noses made like this. A good surgeon listens to the patient’s needs. and processed with the normal range of a beautiful nose Combined with the possibility of surgical techniques and deciding with the patient to find the best nose shape for each patient. very helpful in helping to communicate Thoughts between patient and surgeon to reduce misunderstandings which will lead to the successful outcome of the expected surgery. There are many programs to choose from, either 2 or 3 dimensions, depending on the aptitude. of each surgeon. But every program in the market today has the same principle, that is, it is a medium that helps surgeons. Take the patient’s photo and modify it to be similar to the expected postoperative image. The surgeon will be able to Show what you think in your brain. Let the patient see concretely in this way, the patient and the surgeon. will be able to see the full page image of Patients who are expected to be after surgery and criticize, adjust the picture in detail together to create the best goals And it’s really possible that the servants must acknowledge and realize. is to adjust the image with that computer program Much easier than the actual surgery. Because of the actual surgery There are more factors involved. Whether the internal structure is different in each person, scar fibrosis from previous surgery. different wound healing risk of infection Therefore, the patient must understand that this is impossible. that the actual surgery result will come out like the picture With one hundred percent computerized adjustment, the actual surgical results may be only 70 to 80 percent of the simulation. or less Depending on the factors of each patient, however. Use of computer programs will help prevent understanding The back and forth between the patient and the surgeon. It also makes Both the patient and the surgeon Able to evaluate the overall beauty of the face before surgery Because the desired nose can be seen on the patient’s face. can be virtual in this way satisfactory surgical results of both the patient and the surgeon can be true In addition to the methods mentioned above. There are many more methods that can be used. It can be an aid in choosing a suitable nose model for the patient, for example, some surgeons who are good at drawing. May use drawings to help communicate understanding with the patient or some surgeons may use their hands to pull the nose to adjust the patient’s nose shape to be seen in front of the mirror, etc. There is no right or wrong method. How to choose depends on experience. The aptitude of the plastic surgeon and the satisfaction of the patient are the main factors.

 Safety in cosmetic surgery can be compared to crossing the road. with a carriage running around. If anyone is in a hurry Run across without looking carefully at the empty car There is a high chance of being hit by a car and being injured news247 com.

 But if we choose to cross the crosswalk Look left, look right, look carefully at the car and find information, choose a plastic surgeon. Experienced and trustworthy Choose an anesthesiologist proficient in general anesthesia Choose a hospital safe and standard This road crossing should be successful. Didn’t get hit by a car on the way to the shore. Have a safe dream. and beautiful as you wish

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