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15 Tons FAW Truck – How to Choose the Right One

Are you in the market for a 15 tons FAW truck? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what you should consider when selecting the perfect 15 tons FAW truck for your needs. We’ll cover everything from engine size to fuel efficiency to ensure that you select the right vehicle for your requirements.

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1) What is the payload?

When it comes to choosing a 15 ton FAW truck, one of the most important factors to consider is the payload. The payload of a truck is essentially the maximum weight it can safely carry, including cargo, passengers, and fuel. In order to avoid safety concerns or even damage to the vehicle, you must carry loads that weigh up to 10 tons bitsandboxes.

2) What is the tare weight?

The tare weight of a 15 tons FAW truck is the weight of the empty vehicle, including the body and all components necessary for operation such as the engine, transmission, fuel, lubricants, etc. When determining which truck is best for you, the tare weight is crucial to consider as it affects your payload capacity.Generally speaking, the heavier the tare weight, the lower the payload capacity will be. Knowing the tare weight can help you determine whether the truck is suitable for your needs. For example, if you need to carry a large load, it’s important to make sure the tare weight isn’t too high.

3) What is the dimensions of the truck?

Generally speaking, a 15 ton FAW truck will have an overall length of around 9 meters, a total height of 2.8 meters, and an overall width of 2.5 meters. The truck may also have a cargo area that is between 5 to 6 meters long and 2.3 to 2.7 meters wide. Additionally, the truck will have an internal cabin size of 4.3 meters long, 1.85 meters wide, and 1.9 meters tall. The size of the inner cabin can differ slightly depending on the particular vehicle model. It is important to pay close attention to these measurements when selecting your 15 tons FAW truck.

4) What type of engine does the truck have?

The engine determines the power output and performance of the truck, so making sure it has an adequate engine is essential. Many 15 tons FAW trucks have diesel engines, which provide higher levels of performance and efficiency. Other options may include gasoline engines or alternative fuel options such as natural gas or propane. The engine’s size also matters because bigger engines normally have more power and torque while smaller engines are more cost-effective and require less upkeep lifeline hospital

5) What are the brakes?

When it comes to 15 tons FAW trucks, the brakes are an important part of the truck’s overall safety. The brakes can be disc, drum, or air. Compared to drums, disc brakes have better braking power, making them a more effective and dependable option. Air brakes are used on heavier trucks because they offer more stopping power than either disc or drum brakes. It is important to make sure that the brakes on your 15 tons FAW truck are properly maintained and working correctly at all times. This will help to ensure a safe and reliable ride.

6) What is the turning radius?

The turning radius is the amount of space the truck needs to turn in a full circle. This varies based on the truck’s size and design. A larger turning radius means the truck will take longer to complete a turn, but also means that it is better able to navigate tight spaces. It’s important to determine what your needs are and how much room you have to work with before making a decision.


When choosing a 15 ton FAW truck, it is important to consider the payload, tare weight, dimensions, engine, brakes and turning radius. By taking these factors into consideration, you can be sure that you are getting the right truck for your needs. Investing in a 15 tons FAW truck will pay off for years to come as you enjoy its dependable performance and reliability.

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